Shooting Competition

  • 2021 SPAA Spring & Fall Bullseye Pistol League Schedule

    The Laidback League

    Fall 2021,  "900 League"


    Every Wednesday night,  TBD (Covid Restricted)

    Note: 6 Match League, with 1 make up night.

    Time:  900 League - ONE relay 1 starts at 1730,

    Limited to 35 participants

    Location: Seattle Police Athletic Association 11030 E. Marginal Way S. Tukwila, WA 98168 

    Directions: Take exit 158 from I-5 (Airport Way/ E. Marginal Way). Drive West to the traffic light at Highway 99 (stay in left lane - East Marginal Way only). Turn hard left at the light and go South on East Marginal Way South. Range entrance is 500 yards from the light on the left.

    Eligibility: Entry Fees: 

    All competitors must be 16 years of age or older.

    Match Fees:     900 League (total for 6 matches)      $ 30.00

    Payable at the time of registration. Doors will open early to allow for registration.

     Rules: Be safe, have fun. Muzzles may not point above the backstop at any time. Fingers must be outside the trigger guard unless you are firing or dry firing and the gun is pointed towards the  targets. All NRA rules apply. The wearing of eye and ear protection is Mandatory. The leagues are NRA Approved.

    Squadding: Range capacity limits entries to 35. Shooters will be assigned relays and firing points on a first come first serve basis. Competitors must be in attendance 15 minutes prior to the relay start time to hold reserved firing positions.

    Classifications: Course of Fire: Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman. Non classified competitors will fire in the Master class. 900 league - 22 only, all targets at 25 yds (slow fire on 25 yd reduced targets).

    Scoring: Awards: Target changing will be done by the competitors.

    Individual cash awards for Aggregate Match Winner, 1st and 2nd place in each class. Additional cash awards to be given for every 5 shooters in a class.

    For early registration and/ or additional information contact: 

    Greg Gilda

    Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association Web Page
    Check this Web site for a listing of States that accept the WA State Concealed Pistol License and which states are accepted by Washington State.







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