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UPDATE October 24, 2020

SPAA Announces Increased Membership Dues Fees

Membership Fee Increases Effective Nov 1, 2020

Associate Membership $185.00
Senior Membership $100
Auxiliary Membership $115.00
Spouse Membership $85.00
Application Processing Fee for New Memberships $60.00
Guest Fee $20.00/per visit





Range Store is open normal business hours WED-SUN 09:00 AM to 4:30 PM 





Greetings to all members, SPAA hopes that you are all staying well and safe during this Corona Virus era.

This update is to keep all members/patrons informed as to what is going on at the range.  At this time all shooting/archery ranges for SPAA member use are open . The range operations will be returning to normal operating hours for all members and guests (1 guest allowed at this time). Please also be reminded that you will be required to maintain all the guidelines recommended by the CDC to avoid unnecessary risks when coming to shoot or purchase items in the store at our facility.  This essentially means come down and shoot then leave the range without hanging around and socializing and hanging out in the pro shop.  This is important in order for us to keep the range operating and be within CDC guidelines. 

Law Enforcement Agency members still need to contact the Seattle Police Department Range Master for specific agency instructions for use of the ranges for L/E training. 


WARNING: Your self-assessment for risk and susceptibility (general health) should be your primary gauge as to whether it is acceptable for you to risk your health/life when coming to our facilities during COVID Pandemic times.

1. While on the ranges the wearing of facemasks is not mandatory but is strongly recommended. If coming into the store for suppliesor to purchase firearms it is mandatory (no exceptions).

2. Members and guests will always maintain the 6' social distancing at all times.  Family members may stay together if sharing firearms etc. Shooters will not ignore this rule.  Violators will be asked to leave.

3 Guests will not be able to take up a shooting position if full members are waiting for a spot to shoot.  Members with a guest will have to share the shooting spot of the member in these situations.  Members will also be limited to "ONE GUEST" until this Covid situation passes.

4. Members coming to the range who do not need any supplies from the store will enter and stay at the doorway of the store and advise the staff member who will check them in via voice requesting name/member number. Range staff will maintain log-in roster during Covid period. 

5. Members and guests will clean their own shooting areas of spent casings and trash before leaving ranges, including peeling off their used targets and then replacing the boards/target stand in its storage place.

6. Ammunition purchases will be limited to two boxes per member. So please don’t ask to do otherwise, we want to make sure that what supplies we have left will give all a fair chance to shoot and enjoy their time at our facility.

7. Bathrooms will  not be available. Portolets are available on site. We also sell hand wipes in the pro shop.

8. No loaning of ear pro or eye pro allowed.  Please come to the range with your own gear.  We have inexpensive ear pro and eye pro for sale in the store at reasonable prices if needed.

9. Last but not least please be kind, especially to the staff we literally have been through the ringer trying to get the place up and running again. Rude and unfriendly behavior between members and or staff will not be tolerated.  Just remember we are all in this together.  

Retail Store/Pro Shop operating protocols are as follows.

WARNING: Your self-assessment for risk and susceptibility (general health) should be your primary gauge as to whether it is acceptable for you to risk your health/life when coming to our facilities.

1. When coming to the retail store/pro shop you will be required to wear a face mask. No exceptions.  The SPAA store will not be able to a provide a facemask or any other Personal Protective Equipment-PPE for you if you do not have your own.

2. We recommend that all customers wear protective disposable gloves but it is not required. The store is also not able to find ample gel hand sanitizer so bringing your own is recommended. Until this becomes available.

3. Bathrooms in the store will remain locked and access to handwashing facilities is not available, it is recommended that you bring your own handwipes or purchase a tube in the Pro Shop. There are portable toilets adjacent to ranges that you can use if necessary.

4. The store will be limited to only two customers inside at any one time, lineups outside the door will not be allowed and social distancing will be maintained at all times. Wait in your car if you have to.

5. Customers will not be allowed to randomly touch surfaces and product. Please know what you are specifically looking for so that unnecessary touching and exposure can be avoided. We love all of our members and customers but you will not be allowed to hang out and visit in the store or on the property until the Covid threat is modified to allow this. We will let you know.

6. Yellow tape lines have been placed on the floor to help remind members to maintain the 6’ separation required Social Distancing by Covid 19 guidelines.

7. At this time “only members” or persons authorized to purchase “blue label Glocks” will be allowed in the store, no guests, children, pets etc.

8. Payment options for product will not change. Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are all welcome as usual.

9. Processing of firearms purchases will be limited to one customer at any one time. If two customers come into store to buy a firearm at the same time, one will have to wait in their vehicle to be called in after the first customer has completed their paperwork and payment details. This spacing will allow employees to properly disinfect the designated counter area where all paperwork will be completed for subsequent sales.

10. Members and customers will not be allowed to enter store with any food or beverages.

11. Last, if you feel ill, have a cough, fever or any other common symptom identified by the CDC with Covid 19 please do not come to the store, STAY HOME. Please respect our safety and the safety of all others around you.

I apologize in advance for having to give you all of these rules. It is for the good of all persons in the area as well as yourself. I know this is a new procedure for everybody so please exercise extreme patience when dealing with the staff members in the store we’re trying to do the best that we can for you our customer and our members. I will update you on the status of our ranges as soon as we hear something different from the governor’s office. For now, please stay safe, stay healthy and will see you soon.

Your SPAA store crew.


2020 Annual General Meeting (Notice)

Canceled indefinitely.  If you happened to purchase your ticket already please come into the store for your refund.

Please stand by for an announcement of this meeting should it be needed.   




Ranges & Store Closed Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Veterans Day

Ranges & Store Closed Thursday & Friday, November 26 & 27, 2020, Thanksgiving & Day After

Ranges & Store Closed Thursday & Friday, December 24 & 25, 2020, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Ranges & Store Closes at 12:00PM on Thursday, December 31, 2020, New Years Eve


Ranges & Store Closed Friday, January 1, 2021, New Years Day


LEOSA Qualification Dates for Remainder of 2020 (Retired LEO)

September 14th 1000 & 1400hrs

October 12th 1000 & 1400hrs

November 2nd 1000 & 1400hrs

December 7th 1000 & 1400hrs







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