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 NEW  Rifle Range and Archery Range are re-opened for Civilian and LE Use !!  (See News and update pages for dates and times) NEW

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The latest updates of the web page are through 01/18/2014 NEW

Range Safety Rules updated, Guest Waivers updated, New Sign is added to the welcome page, Hall Rental Fees updated to include 9.5% WA State Sales Tax NEW


Rifle Range Update:

RE: The closure of the North-facing rifle and pistol ranges

Rifle Range is now open Wed Through Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. 

The Archery Range is open for use and is due for renovation following Seattle City Light Pole work expected to commence later this spring. NEW

 THE SHOTGUN RANGE will not be re-opening in the future. Our pistol ranges facing to the east remain fully operational.   As before, pistol caliber rifles are allowed on the pistol range.


Due to high demand and non-availability of replacement Ammunition, powder and primers, we are currently limiting in-store purchases of ammunition to two boxes of Rifle or Pistol ammunition PER WEEK by members.  We are currently restricting primer purchases to 400 per week and one pound of smokeless powder per week (subject to availability).  When this unprecedented situation eases up, we will likewise adjust this policy.  Our goal is to have enough ammunition available in the store for purchase by members so that they can practice at our range when they choose to come to our facility.  We cannot support the sale  of excessive quantities of any of the above products just for the purpose of members stockpiling or RESELLING those products to non-members!

 NEW    . We will continue to stock the shelves and walls with new and fresh stock of ammunition, magazines, pistols, revolvers, reloading supplies and rifles for you to choose from as they become available from the supply chain.  As always our pricing is the best, our weapons are sold new and we can special order most available brands of weapons manufactured.  We are a Glock Law Enforcement Stocking Dealer (one of only three in WA State) and we participate in the GSSF Program offering discounted pricing to GSSF members on one new Glock handgun purchase per year.  We are also a Kimber Master Dealer and Springfield Armory  and Ruger Stocking Dealership. 

We will be issuing photo ID cards for members generally on Wednesdays and Sundays and as staffing allows throughout the year.

NEW Note to Membership:  Renewal of your membership will occur each year (12 month period) by the end of the month of your anniversary date that is printed on the front of your new ID card.  As of January of 2013, all ID cards will need to have a year validation sticker on the back side.  If yours does not have one, you should check in with the staff at the store to verify your membership status.  In 2013 We will allow a 30 Day grace period on renewals, but beyond that grace period, there will be a $50 service charge assessed.  Replacements for lost ID cards will cost $10.


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