Seattle Police Athletic Association

Special Rifle Range Closure Announcement: 

This weekend (April 6 & 7) all ranges on the south end of the property will be closed due to construction activity on top of hill above rifle ranges. The rifle ranges will be available for use again on Wednesday, April 10th.  We apologize in advance for the inconvenience this causes.


Holiday Closure Notice: The Ranges and pro-shop will be closed Easter Sunday April 21, 2019.


The SPAA is a jointly owned/operated pistol/rifle/archery range. It is owned and operated by the SPAA and the Seattle Police Department (SPD).

SPD utilizes the facility to train and test police officers in proper firearms techniques. The SPAA operates the facility as a members only firearms facility in conjunction with a retail outlet selling firearms, ammunition and assorted merchandise.

Membership is restricted to those applicants that pass a criminal background check and that maintain a clear record.

Associate members are those members between the age of 21 and 60 years of age; Senior members are those 60 years of age and over; Auxiliary members are police officers from other jursidictions other than SPD and emergency first responders (including Fire and Paramedics); Life members are those whose members have paid dues for 25 years.


The mission of the Seattle Police Athletic Association, Inc. (SPAA) is to develop and maintain a first class shooting facility that serves the local law enforcement community and our civilian members. To that end we will construct, maintain and modernize our facilities while maintaining fiscal stability. The SPAA will continue to support SPD Officer/members and associate members in athletic and shooting events to the best of our ability.

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